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And Distributed Generation

Rural America boasts a rich abundance of renewable resources — wind, solar, geothermal, biomass and hydropower — making co-ops ideally suited to develop these resources — and we are. Over 900 rural electric co-ops provide electricity generated by renewable energy resources because that’s what member-owners want. And we’re proud to be among them. More than 54 percent of our electricity is generated from emission and carbon-free resources minimizing the impact to our environment.

Co-ops have aggressively added renewable energy capacity to the rural electric grid. And when it comes to energy efficiency, often referred to as the “fifth fuel,” co-ops have a similar story to tell. Co-ops traditionally have promoted energy efficiency as a way to keep members’ bills low. That’s the case here at T.I.P. Rural Electric Cooperative. We use efficiency as a strategic tool to offset the impact of increased demand for electricity that otherwise can lead to higher costs. That is why we offer rebates for efficient appliances and other incentives programs.

To learn more about renewables and distributed generation, click on this brochure.

Link for information brochure on distributed generation

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