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Livestock Equipment

Rebates must be applied for within 6 months of date of purchase or they will not be accepted.

  • Heat Lamps

    Must be UL listed with a power input of 175 Watts or less. For replacement of 250 Watt heat lamps.

  • Single Crate Heating Pads

    Must be UL listed with a power input of 85 Watts or less.

  • Double Crate Heating Pads

    Must be UL listed with a power input of 170 Watts or less.

  • Heat Lamp or Pad Controller

    Heat pad controllers must allow control of heat output automatically with temperature sensors.

  • Livestock Waterers

    Waterers must be designed for year-round usage without freezing. Requires a maximum power input of 175 Watts or less per opening/trough. Tank should be constructed of plastic/polyethylene with a minimum of 2 inches of tank insulation, and lid covers to qualify. There is no minimum power input for heaters (if any) as long as waterer is designed to operate in Iowa during the winter without the water freezing.


What we will need

  1. Sales Receipt
  2. Information Form for Livestock Equipment (Edit and Print) - 2021


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