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Commercial Adjustable Speed Drive

What we will need

  1. Sales Receipt
  2. Adjustable Speed Drive Form (Edit and Print) - 2021

Requirements for ASD Installations:

  • The ASD must have either an input link reactor or isolation transformer. The minimum requirement is that a 3% impedance reactor, based on the horsepower rating of the ASD, be installed.
  • The National Electric Code should be followed for all applicable wiring and grounding.
  • System designer or installing contractor should ensure that the ASD installation meets the Harmonic Test for Eligibility (see below) or ensure that the entire facility complies with IEEE Standard No. 519 after completion of the ASD installation or retrofit. Failure to comply with this rule may be cause for the Utility to deny the request for a rebate.
  • In the case of new motor installations, the motor to be controlled must be NEMA Premium efficiency motor.
  • Rebate requests for over $5,000 shall require pre-approval.
  • The Utility must supply electricity to the equipment for which the incentive is being paid. Equipment must be installed on the premises and must not be purchased for resale.


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