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Air to Air Heat Pumps

Link to brochure on information regarding air source heat pumpsContractor information

What the Cooperative Needs

  1. Sales Receipt
  2. T.I.P. REC Air to Air Heat Pump Agreement (Print Only)
  3. Rebate Form on Air to Air Heat Pumps (Edit and Print) - 2021
Member must complete and turn in all three items listed above.

This program is designed to promote Energy Star® qualified air source heat pumps (ASHP) as efficient electric heating and cooling ultra-efficient heating and cooling alternative for homeowners.


  • Requires a separate meter installed outside of the house to monitor the heat pump usage.
  • Requires an electric water heater that heats 100% of the hot water. (This water heater is not to be wired to go through the electric heat meter)
  • Must sign an agreement with us allowing future cycling/control of the AC portion of the ASHP. (Maximum interruption of 3 hrs. per day)
  • There is a minimum of 1½ ton and a maximum of 20 tons or less to qualify for this rebate or rate.
  • Need to fill out an information sheet of the installation.
  • This will allow you to be put on our electric heat rate.
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