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What If I Can't Pay My Bill On Time?

Your bill is mailed on the 1st working day of the month. It is due on the 24th of the month in which it is mailed. If it is not paid by the 24th you will receive a red and white past due notice that tells you that you have until approximately the 11th of the next month to have your bill paid or you will be subject to disconnection.

If you received one of these notices, you should notify the office of your payment plans. If you are unable to pay the bill in full, ask about a  payment arrangement.

Please call 1-800-934-7976 or contact us.


Billing Calendar for T.I.P. Rural Electric Cooperative

  • 1st of each month (approximately)

    T.I.P. mails your electric bill out to you.

  • 24th of the month

    Bill is due on this day.

  • 25th of the month (approximately)

    We mail your delinquent notice to you which gives you until the 11th of the next month to have paid or be subject to disconnection. A member is allowed one time a year to be late and after that a 1½ % penalty is added to the bill.

  • 11th of the following month

    Date delinquent is due and up for collection.

  • 12th of the following month (approximately)

    Call or post the service for collection.
    Service is up for disconnection approximately 2 days after the call or posting for collection.

    If we make a trip to your premises, there will be a $50.00 collection fee charged to your account. 

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